DAY 07

Day 07 (June 30, 2019): Madhumitha’s comments on Tamil culture

  • Kamal Haasan requests the newsreaders Mother Fathima and Losliya to present a bulletin based on the entire incident in the house and name it as ‘Bigg Boss news’.

  • Kamal aks Vanitha about her experience as the first captain of the Bigg Boss house.

  • Kamal Haasan asked the housemates to present heart-shaped pillows to their favorite housemates. While Saravanan get the maximum pillows as a symbol of love and Vanitha get none.

  • Abhirami, Sherin and other housemates are angry over Madhumitha’s comments on Tamil culture. One by one, all the housemates join the argument, which leads into an ugly fight. Vanitha declared that Madhumitha’s argument is a personal attack over Abhirami.

  • Kamal says it’s time to select the next captain for the Bigg Boss House and asked four housemates who are willing to become a captain to take a step forward. Mohan Vaidya, Mugen Rao, Reshma and Meera are eager to become captain.

  • Mohan becomes the captain of the week by getting maximum support from the people.

  • Madhumitha apologises for her words (About Tamil Culture) to Sherin.

EPISODE 08 – 30th JUN

Highlights of day 07 on Bigg Boss house

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