Day 06 (June 29, 2019): Host Kamal Haasan on the stage

  • Task:

    1. Losliya is teaching singing as well as dancing to the housemates.

    2. Sandy picks random chit from a bowl and shares about his parents and some funny experiences from his childhood days.

    3. Losliya speaks about her parents and three sisters as well as she shared how she lost her elder sister (committed suicide). She gave advised to all that “Be strong during difficult situations”. She loves her father so much and he looks like Cheran.

    4. Mugen recollects the happy days from his childhood. He shares how he undergoes psychosis due to repeated fights between his parents as he doubted each other. Mugen requests parents should solve their issues between themselves and keep away from fighting in front of their children.

    5. Meera shares about her bold and practical nature .She highlights about her troubled marriage life, which lasted for only some days. She misses her father in her life so much. She could find someone in her life that could fill the space of her father.
  • Vanitha apologizes to Meera.

  • Kamal says about Tharshan that, he has come from such a terrified state affected by civil war in Sri Lanka. He has witnessed orphans gone through many shocking experiences in his life, which others have just heard or noticed in news.

  • The housemates get an opportunity to question Kamal Haasan. Kamal speaks about how much he misses his mother, and if given a chance he would like to bring back his mother, father and elder brother Chandra Haasan back to life. Kamal talks about how he missed the chance to act with well-known actor M.G. R. in a film.

EPISODE 07 – 29th JUN

Highlights of day 06 on Bigg Boss house

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