Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil

Day 04 (June 27, 2019): Housemates recollects their experiences

  • Task:

    1. Meera is teaching ramp walk to all the housemates.
    2. Mohan Vaidya dresses up like model and ramp walk with Meera

  • Meera shares her worry with Fathima that how Abhirami and Sakshi behave with her. Fathima consoles her.

  • Abhirami apologizes to Meera.

  • Cheran advises Meera, Abhirami and Sakshi to focus on the present.

  • Tharshan Thiyagarajah recollects his past as his mother sacrifices a lot for him and raised him and his sister even with a major injury during the civil war in Sri Lanka.

  • Madhumitha explains, she lost her father at a very young age. Her mother scarifies a lot and raised her and three sisters.

  • As her parents got separated, Abhirami shared her experiences of growing up without the support of her father.

  • Saravanan explains about his first love marriage and his first wife that, how she supported him during his financial crisis. For the sake of having kids, He who conducted second marriage.

EPISODE 05 – 27th JUN

Highlights of day 04 on Bigg Boss house

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