Vanitha Vijayakumar Bigg Boss 3 Tamil

Day 05 (June 28, 2019): Meera and Vanitha have a fight

  • Task:

    1. Mother Fathima is teaching laughter therapy to all housemates in the garden area.

  • Meera asks Mohan Vaidya to assist her with the hook of her dress. But he refuses helping her.

  • Vanitha is sharing the day when she gave birth to her son and weep tears of joy

  • Kavin shares how his friends helped him as well as his family members during a severe financial crisis.

  • Fathima Babu talks about her two sons.

  • Sakshi Agarwal speaks about her future hubby.

  • Vanitha asks Meera to clean some vessels in kitchen. Meera asks Sandy to do it instead.  Later Vanitha asks meera to change her duty to washroom cleaning. But they have a fight. Vanitha raised her tone and shown her attitude to Meera.

  • Vanitha and Madhumitha on one side and Abhirami and Sakshi on other side supporting meera and the fight continues.

  • Mother Fathima and Cheran ask Vanitha to calm down. But Vanitha refuses to change her attitude.

  • Captain Cheran as well as part of the cleaning team, He takes Meera , Sandy and Madhumitha to solve the issues.

EPISODE 06 – 28th JUN

Highlights of day 06on Bigg Boss house

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