Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil

Day 03 (June 26, 2019): Meera and Abhirami have a fight

  • Jangiri Madhumitha missing his husband’s first birthday after their marriage.

  • Abhirami asks who kept the vegetable cup in a wrong place in kitchen. Meera asks Abhirami to calm down. Tharshan admits that he kept the cup there. Meera says Abhirami shouldn’t pitch attitude as well as she need to be stay calm she if she doesn’t want to talk to her. Abhirami asks Meera not to talk to her, so both stops talking each other.

  • Captain (Vanitha Vijayakumar) says Meera need not interfere into something that doesn’t concern her directly. When Vanitha tries to accentuate on her point, Meera asks Vanitha to calm down. That leads to an argument between Vanitha and Meera.

  • While Mother Fathima tries to handle the situation, Both Meera and Abhirami burst into tears.

  • Kavin hugs Abhirami to make her calm and she feels better.

  • Vanitha gives Abhirami a challenge. Abhirami accepts the dare challenge and flirts with Mugen in front of Kavin. Kavin appreciate Abhirami for finding a better person.

  • Mother Fathima announces the first luxury budget task.

EPISODE 04 – 26th JUN

Highlights of day 03 on Bigg Boss house

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