Mohan Vaidya Bigg Boss 3 Tamil

Day 02 (June 25, 2019): Meera Mitun enters the house as a wild card

  • Relationship: Mohan Vaidya replied to the Housemates as Sandy is like his son.

  • Abhirami told Kavin that she has a crush on him since he appeared in Saravanan Meenatchi a Tamil Television serial. She continued flirting with Kavin.

  • All of a sudden, Mohan Vaidya burst into tears for remembering his wife (who passed away) as well as explained how late veteran K Balachander consoled and helped him to recover from grief.

  • At evening, actress Meera Mitun entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant

  • Captain (Vanitha Vijayakumar) asked housemates about their problems.

    1. Reshma(Cleaning team) said to collect their garbage in a separate cover.
    2. Fathima Babu said that she doesn’t like to throw the leftovers unless they are completely spoiled.
    3. Cheran requested to give the housemates a choice of food and prepare food accordingly.


EPISODE 03 – 25th JUN

Highlights of day 02 on Bigg Boss house

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Watch it in Hotstar Day 02 in the BiggBoss House

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